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Every year, professionals in every field including finance and investment, health and medicine, legal, make errors that adversely affect client’s personal and financial well-being. Sometimes professional negligence is obvious and yet other times it is not as evident. Even highly talented and competent professionals make aggregious errors in judgement. It does happen, yet it should not be the client who suffers the consequences of that negligence if it has in fact been a case of professional negligence.

Sometimes professionals take on business tasks or responsibilities without proper credentials, licensing, training or competence in that area. They may not take necessary precautions or offer advice that is not based on good information, but rather based on their personal preferences. It may be misrepresentation to the client or could be just a decision that was impulsive and not well thought through. These actions may be determined to be negligent. If you believe you are the victim of professional negligence, you’ll want a professional professional negligence lawyer to represent your case.

Allan Robert provides professional counsel in a wide array of business and professional practices, including:

  • engineering,
  • auditors / accounting,
  • legal,
  • business consulting,
  • actuaries, and
  • investment advisors.
  • Related to professional negligence is medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

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